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About us

Hello! My name is Anna Popova! I was born and live in Kaluga.

Анна, Нюра и Фиона

Dogs around me since childhood, but professionally I decided to deal with them 4 years ago. First came labrador, then fulfilled a dream husband- Dogue de Bordeaux . Life took on a new paint. Mobile dobryachka Nura and phlegmatic ” princess ” Fiona complement each other in all shades of rock temperaments and do not give us bored. Remember and understand how much information and emotion gave me my two girls in such a short period : travel , exhibitions, professional dog breeders , breeding. I am not even talking about an ordinary dog love and devotion that still surprise me .

The decision several years ago, only stronger in our husband heads. My strong desire to engage in dogs became only stronger and cultivated it professional people around.

I know that I can’t be a competitor to Asses how Tatiana Dimitriu( retrievers kennel «Stenweyz») and Svetlana Dorogova ( French Mastiff kennel ” Dorsdorf “, one of the pioneers of rock in Russia ), but also know that mothers breeders do not like newcomers so was very surprised them really professional approach throughout. Their tips, advice and practical help is really deserve gratitude. I hope to grow to such heights! In order to develop the need to strive for something, and Planck lifted to maximum height and transcendental to constantly learn and always go forward!

Everyone who wants to ask me any questions – I ‘ll be very happy . I have something to tell you and to share ! I really want to get my puppies delighted new owners. Everyone who decided to connect the life with beautiful dogs, I bring to the end and will not give up, give information about the standards of breeds, always help advice and recommendations!

I’ll be glad your calls and letters ! Thank you ! See you there!

Анна и Нюра Анна и Фиона