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News Dogue de Bordeaux

14.07.15 our puppies are born! Read more at: +79206155105

About the breed

Active Dogue de Bordeaux , the breed began its existence in the mid-19th century. I will not delve into ancient history , because many dogs ( Dogue de Bordeaux is no exception ) have sea versions of the breed and we do not exactly know the whole truth . So let’s admire modern bordosom . Now more about this mactife own words . Any new owner when choosing your dog should consider the choice of breed with great seriousness : read a lot of literature , consult with experts ( breeders ) . When choosing Bordeaux mastiff number is expected to double the read information , consultation with breeders should be detailed. I repeat always and all : ” The right choice right breeder -80 % success rate. ” Improper breeding policy has already been made to disappear almost Bordeaux dog to the ground. So please help and purchase puppies only from reliable breeders , especially that due to the rarity of this breed good breeders are not so much. If you have already taken decision in favor of Bordeaux dog and turned to the right breeder , you know: you get yourself a gift of a new family member , friend and flawless perfect companion . The presence in the dog breed as black and with a red mask , as well as different colors with shades of “Isabella” to mahogany , to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding owner. . Itself breed Dogue de Bordeaux is characterized by perfect physical health. Raising a puppy Bordeaux mastiff great fun and the ocean of positive emotions. But parallel to this is a very difficult job. Believe me: I raised puppies of various breeds and it is not always easy , but grow up puppy Bordeauxs – very hard work . Be prepared for the fact that you are growing a large dog , and this relationship should be special . Unbridled power and increased load are strictly forbidden to all mastiff puppies . The most common problem associated with the cultivation of Bordeaux mastiff wrong – the appearance of curvature of limbs (usually the front legs ) . When growing puppy he is required to allocate a large amount of free space . Close space will not allow the puppy to develop properly . The puppy should frolic and rest when he wants to. Host interfere in this process is prohibited. Very important and necessary aspect of raising a puppy is socialization . From an early age the dog should be taught to human hands and arms not only host. The puppy should communicate with many people  and a host required to allow him to stroke . Believe me, the quality of security will not be lost . Over time you will realize that not only a puppy this dog very much asleep. But do not forget about the great qualities of this breed of security , even during sleep Dogue de Bordeaux is in constant readiness to defend his master and his home . A well-developed chest adult dog makes this dog like heavyweight lifter, add to this the highest intellect and peculiar to this breed of «Pansy charm in the fold» and get a big, kind, super-cute, but at the same time the terrible «Shrek». Bordos from an overabundance of love and devotion to his master very vulnerable , he is not vindictive , but will keep to myself and to experience it if you scold or punish , so find a compromise solution . Never forget that the Dogue de Bordeaux , like no other can not live without a man , and even without it being long . For him it is important to bear the burden of a pleasant guard his “idol ” – host. It should always see your eyes , for him there is nothing more important to be fit. And so it is , as it relates to children , especially to the smallest elicits tenderness and admiration. Many owners humanizes their dogs and ascribe to them the qualities inherent only to people, but many categorically against this. In order to form their opinion on this matter, I beg of You learn champion’s life and interesting heavy fate of the famous  Bordeaux God (typo?) – BELMONDO! Many people live a life more ” stingy ” than the life lived this stellar dog .

Read what was said and written about their favorite Alexander Abdulov and Askold Zapashnyy ….

I will be very happy to welcome any new responsible owner and a lover of this superior breed in the in the “Club” connoisseurs bordeauxs!