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"Dogs laugh, too, but they laugh tail" (Max Eastman)
"Do not live in a city where not hear dogs barking" (Talmud)

Labrador Retriever

Labrador – the brightest representative of “clan” retrievers . These natives of the island of Newfoundland for nearly two centuries give their owners unbridled love, tender and underlined at the same time , irrepressible , speed temperament.

You can find a lot of the exact words that characterize this breed , but they all fit into one capacious and most important – FRIEND . Seamen who imported Labradors in England probably did not know what kind of dog they give people . Breed instantly spread worldwide . Relatively recently, Labrador was named ” Millennium dog .”

It’s safe to say that this is not just a Labrador dog : A family member , a part of life and if you want me to Labrador Man !

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

Dogue de Bordeaux – a descendant of the most charming ancient Molosser breeds. All Molosser group differs balanced temperament. Dogue de Bordeaux breed has clearly marked security qualities and stress psyche. Remember in the movie ” 17 Moments of Spring “: ” The nature nordic stood … Great family man ” – it’s about him.

Surely once saw this dog, you said something like:” Wow! ”

Yes, penetrating Bordeaux mastiff confidence , coupled with the size of the dog , makes him immediately respected. But do not be afraid of Bordeaux mastiff . It may surprise you , but this mastiff gentle and even timid “nurse” . Towards the people of Bordeaux dogs absolutely not aggressive . About Bordeaux dog devotion to his master and family can write books and write poetry …